Everything Is Scenery!

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Where we describe how to make the various terrain pieces.

How To ...

For 6mm scale models

With a few minor tweaks, matchboxes can be turned into housing for your 6mm scale models. Alternatively, form Giant’s Causeway style rock formations!

Matchbox Housing

See how to turn old compact-disc boxes into fortified bunkers in this step-by-step guide!

CD Case Pill Box

A simple guide to turning unused cocktail sticks into barricades and fences.

While we have used wooden bases, these work just as well with old CDs.

Cocktail-Stick Barricades

Also works with lolly-sticks!

Ruined Pill Box

Not all bunkers survive enemy bombardment! Here’s how we made some ruins.

Battlefields are littered with craters! Here is a guide to making your own, from waste paper and PVA glue!

Paper Mache Craters

A Simple use for waste paper