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Protect your Armies using household items!

CD Case Pill Boxes

This works best for 28mm (including GW 28mm) scale models, as they are about the right height for the gun-slots.

First, you need to cut the gun-slots into the case. This can be a tricky job, as the plastic is awkward to cut. I used a hacksaw, but you may wish to experiment to find the best tool for you. You just need a horizontal slit a few millimetres high. I made two, leaving room ‘round the back’ for a door. It is inevitable that this will leave a ragged edge, so smooth it down with a file.

Now that the structure is becoming clearer, you need to make some decisions. Firstly, do you want a base? This can make the piece larger and less flexible, but can be used to add more detail such as barbed wire and sandbags around it. What style are you going to make the roof? I added a turf layer (flock) for extra protection and a level of disguise. You can fit an extra piece to the top, for example an anti-aircraft gun, or radar dish.



  1. A CD Case. Preferably a 25-capacity one.
  2. A base (Not essential)
  3. Paints, brushes and flock.
  4. PVA glue.
  5. Craft Knife.
  6. Saw.
  7. Flat file.
  8. A model soldier, for scale
  9. A place to work, including somewhere to leave while paint/glue dries.

You Will Need:

A spray-can of rough-coat, or stone-coat can make a big difference to the final texture, giving the smooth plastic sides a concrete-like finish. There are several varieties available, and they can be layered on lightly, or very thick, depending upon the desired effect. Once painted and dry-brushed, this makes the texture a lot more realistic.

Giving the Walls Texture

All that is left for the basic design is to paint the exterior and add flock to the base. A door can be fashioned from plastic, and painted appropriately. Raiding your bitz-box can add extra details: cans and barrels left outside the door, spent ammo casings around the gun slits, maybe a spotter’s nest on the roof. A few free-standing tank-traps (see later article) dotted around can prevent enemy armour from getting too close!