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CD Case Ruined Pill Box

For this, I will assume you have read how to build the standard CD Case Pill Box.

For the ruined version, the technique is virtually the same, with a few minor exceptions.

Cut gun-ports in the side as previously, but before rough-coating the outside, cut away large sections to represent battle-damage. This can be done using a small saw, or possibly a pair of snips. A sharp knife may work, but be VERY careful. You can make this as extensive as you like. Save the cut-away pieces.

Build the bunker as before, but this time you have to paint, and decorate, the inside. Here is an excellent opportunity to show your creative skills, placing crates, comms equipment and other interior features. Maybe a broken machine-gun  still peeks out through the gun-port? I have placed a broken section of the roof inside, making it difficult for invaders to move around!


  1. A CD Case. Preferably a 25-capacity one.
  2. A base (Not essential)
  3. Paints, brushes and flock.
  4. PVA glue.
  5. Craft Knife.
  6. Saw.
  7. Flat file.
  8. A model soldier, for scale
  9. A place to work, including somewhere to leave while paint/glue dries.

You Will Need:

The plastic sides of the CD case are not very thick. There are a few ways to help them to look more like solid bunker walls. You could put some reinforcing bars in the walls, made from paperclips. Or you could try to build up the thickness with paper mache. It is possible to cut a ring of plastic from a drinks bottle to fit 1-2mm inside, and fill the gaps, but this is quite an advanced technique.

Giving the Walls Depth

You can now continue as before, rough-coating, painting and flocking. The cut-away sections can be painted up and scattered nearby, either free-standing or on a large base with the pill box. Barbed wire should be broken into smaller segments, and tank-traps broken or pushed aside.

You have now started on your way to terrain for a much-fought-over battlefield, or for something to replace the bunker model with when hit by large ordnance!