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All players are Bleeders.

Players start at Level One.

Skills are capped at Level 3.

Considered a cap on Attributes, but as they are tight anyway, players will be struggling to push too high. Specialising too much will force them to be weak in other areas.

Have considered adjusting some Advantages and Disadvantages, as they seem very unbalanced. Overall, it seemed too much work.

Characters are expected to start with at least One level of a Blood Skill, and buy at least One more level per Experience Level. This is an in-character expectation, and will vary depending upon their Master, and what other skills they are bringing to benefit the Gang and the Master.
Characters without Blood Sampling may be looked down on by some Bleeders for "not participating".

Do the PCs start with any Students? I'm thinking not.

XP: Current Thinking is ~10xp per session. This equates to 5 Skill Points. So 2 Sessions to raise a Psychic Skill. Each Skill may only be raised Once per level.

Skills have an Attribute associated with them (mostly INT). Sometimes, rolls will be called against a different Attribute.
e.g. Cryptography (END) for an all-night session, or Cooking (CHM) to impress someone with a meal.

Being a 1d20 system, I shall be implementing Special Effects on a natural roll of 1 or 20. This will be situation-dependant.