Recent History

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2080: "Brain Slug" psychic plague caused much disruption. Many blood-samples were lost or destroyed, leading to quite a lot of Students gaining their freedom.

2081: Still reeling from the internal strife, the Eastern coastline is less protected, leading to a spate of Water Rat incursions. Sabine starts to focus on Border Patrols.

2082: "Blue Blood" graffiti has started to appear around turf.

Tea Drinkers have been hanging around The Monterey, on the corner of 96th and 3rd. While not strictly "in turf", they are close enough for some to take notice of.

John Doe, a Bleeder student of The Orderly, has been found murdered on the north of Bleeder turf.


The Geek has made a deal with the Omniscients, trading his Computer Skills for access to one of their Spy Satellites. No-one is sure where it is pointed.

Patricia is building a solid power-base, and known to be improving her Security.

Leather Head is unhappy with The Artist for "stealing" several students. The Broken has publicly sided with The Artist.

The Thirteen, a well-known group of Leon's students, have not been seen for a week or more. Leon's Coteries say they are "busy".