Everything Is Scenery!

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Its ALL Scenery! All of it!

Model Scenery  From Household Items

Gone are the days of throwing out useless junk! Now you can turn it all into scenery for your favourite games! Food and drink containers, cardboard boxes, razor-blade covers: you name it, we can turn it into scenery!

Read on to find out how we have converted household items into stunning scenery!

A use for those old CD Cases

See how to turn old compact-disc boxes into fortified bunkers in this step-by-step guide!

CD Case Pill Box

Ruined Pill Box

Not all bunkers survive enemy bombardment! Here’s how we made some ruins.

Featured Items:

Did  you get chocolates for Christmas? Don’t know what to do with the empty jar? Why not recycle it into a Tower or Silo for your wargaming table?

Sweetie-Jar Tower

These easy-to-make structures can be hexagonal buildings or Giant’s Causeway-style rocky outcrops! Modular sections can be fitted together to make them as large or small as you like!

Matchbox Buildings

All of skills you need to convert your own junk, rubbish and trash into stunning scenery, from first steps through to advanced techniques!

Or “How do they do that?”

Tips and Techniques

A simple guide to turning unused cocktail sticks into barricades and fences.

While we have used wooden bases, these work just as well with old CDs.

Cocktail-Stick Barricades

Also works with lolly-sticks!

If you have something you don’t think we can work with, or that you can’t think of a use for, let us know! You’ll be surprised what we can do!

Think it can’t be done?

Or just want to see what we come up with?